The Sky Dancer



„The Sky Dancer“ is my first big size mural painting. This is inspired by tibetan and shamanic art and culture.
The Dky Dancer is the female ghost who lives in harmony with all elements and brings bliss light and peace to every being. She represents enlightenment and compassion which is so needed in the world now.
It doesn’t matter which color your skin is.
May all beings be happy.

I‘m happy to be working on this piece, had a good time and met very nice and grateful people.
Big thanks to everyone who supported and visited me in this time. And a big shout to the guy who let me paint it.
Cologne. Merheimerstr.285

Der Waldgeist


Mural painting „Der Waldgeist“ (The Forrest Ghost), 2020

Cologne, Landsbergstr 6, South side.




Face Your Fear

Face Your Fear Acryl auf Malkarton 30×30

„Busy Street“ and other pictires



Busy Street. 2009

Technik: Stencil and spray lack on Cardboard.



Hier ist eine kleine Serie Bilder aus den Jahren 2010-2012, die ich „Poppets“ nenne.

Technik:Akryl auf Leinwand.

Grösse: 30×30 cm